It's Not Me, It's You

by Older Than Oceans

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released September 19, 2015

Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Thomas Diognardi
Artwork by Mook
Printed by Zin Records




Older Than Oceans New York

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Track Name: Not for Nothing
Not for nothing but to say it's not your fault, well that's a little dishonest,
Pretend and tread lightly as you walk through those shallow waters,
The levy broke; it burst from the inside
Cause that patchwork job couldn't last you through the night

Now you're a punchline, and she's the butt of every joke,
And all your best friends know its all her fault

So just say it, (say it), say it's not on you
And I know you'll say it, (say it) till it all feels true
And if that's what, (that's what) helps you sleep at night
Then go ahead and pretend that it's alright

Now that you finally left, I can breathe again with both my lungs, it never tastes so good
Not bitter like you would
I can't believe it came to this, but I knew it always would

I've given up on you, my friend
All bad things finally have an end
Too bad you're never listening to anyone

You can point that finger but there's no one else here to blame but yourself
How can you be right if you're wrong again?
So go and sing that sad song somewhere else
How can you be right if you're wrong again?
Track Name: Hindsight Isn't Always 20/20
This black cloud's been hanging over my head; blocking the sunlight out since the day that you left,
I am one with dark, pensive and strangely at home, and now the moons my only friend
Cause it's true, you never know what you've got till its gone,
Till you can't right back all that you've wronged;
I don't know how we held on for so long,
But I know that I owe you for taking advantage

Islands never forget why they're out there on their own (all alone) in the sunset

Toxic, blowin' smoke, it was bearing down on me
And all that we wanted was so close yet it remained out of reach
And if you think you can; I think you won't; I think you should have left it up to chance,
I should have let it go but I just,
(I should have let it go but I just)
Let you go instead

So here we are, it's starting up again
I'm tired of living on page one, but I'm afraid to see the end
These lost words will bury you until they burn like the fire (like the one that's in your eyes now)
How can you hear them over the sound of the storm you made with all of those lies that you shot out of your gun
I had my hands up

If you could only see me now, would you swallow down that pride?
Pretend that we could work this out, maybe give this one more try?
I don't blame you, no not one bit, you gave me that chance and I blew it,
But if you could only see me now, would swallow down that pride?

Something's been building up inside of you
Taking hold, I've watched it grow;
It's that strength to soldier on, to do this on your own,
But selfishly I clung too tightly, tried to keep you far too close,
I was afraid you made your mind up; and of my thoughts when I'm alone,
I was a deer trapped in your headlights, I lacked the vision just to see
All those warning signs you gave out that were staring back at me
Track Name: Like a Lion (It Waits)
Sometimes I hear your voice
And if I close my eyes, I can make out your face,
You are so much more than how you left this place;
And this vision of you, like a lion it waits,
Creeping slowly forward as it stalks its prey,
So strike me swiftly, do away with me (do away with me)

When you visit me in my lonesome dreams (tell me Heaven's not alone)
Will you stay with me, if I fall asleep?
Following the stars, (my eyes see afar)
I can see you smile in the light that blinds

And if I look back now, I should have seen the signs,
All your cries for help behind those bloodshot eyes,
They were never heard, they were never seen
It was our ignorance that lit the match that left you somewhere in between,
So won't you strike it swiftly; do away with me

Oh those nights we spent talking about the lives we had ahead (they came and went before they were spent)
Though it's so frustrating, I know you're somewhere much better than here, (I'm sure you know how the world is so cold)
But for now I'm patient, count the days until we meet again
Track Name: Pulling Us Down
So wrapped up, up in ourselves
and all those silly lies you made were something just like mine;
I couldn't blame myself,
It had to be someone else playing this wicked puppet game
And the irony of it all is that it paved the path I've laid

Take my hand, walk that road together

You and I were floating by,
Caught up in the bitter breeze
Throwing caution to the wind
with our emotions buried deep
From the darkness I will guide you;
but barely bright enough to see
If we'd only asked the questions
To those answers that we seek

We sank so low, anchors followed our trail to the depths of the shadowy abyss you call your home
Can you save us now?
From the nightmares found in quiet mindsets?
They run a marathon inside our heads
Lets cross the finish line again, it sounds better than sitting on the side

Were we both alive or was this just another dream?

Through all this time, it seems that we've been going nowhere
I can't bare to be here another day
Your first class ticket only has your name on it
There's no room for mine
So I guess I won't be joining you

In the middle of this nowhere land
Lets try to make another plan
It's you and I and failure here tonight
How could you know, how could you know?

In the middle of this nowhere land,
I'm tired of these endless hands
Pulling us into oblivion
How could you know, how could you know?

They're pulling us down