Hindsight Isn't Always 20​/​20

from by Older Than Oceans



This black cloud's been hanging over my head; blocking the sunlight out since the day that you left,
I am one with dark, pensive and strangely at home, and now the moons my only friend
Cause it's true, you never know what you've got till its gone,
Till you can't right back all that you've wronged;
I don't know how we held on for so long,
But I know that I owe you for taking advantage

Islands never forget why they're out there on their own (all alone) in the sunset

Toxic, blowin' smoke, it was bearing down on me
And all that we wanted was so close yet it remained out of reach
And if you think you can; I think you won't; I think you should have left it up to chance,
I should have let it go but I just,
(I should have let it go but I just)
Let you go instead

So here we are, it's starting up again
I'm tired of living on page one, but I'm afraid to see the end
These lost words will bury you until they burn like the fire (like the one that's in your eyes now)
How can you hear them over the sound of the storm you made with all of those lies that you shot out of your gun
I had my hands up

If you could only see me now, would you swallow down that pride?
Pretend that we could work this out, maybe give this one more try?
I don't blame you, no not one bit, you gave me that chance and I blew it,
But if you could only see me now, would swallow down that pride?

Something's been building up inside of you
Taking hold, I've watched it grow;
It's that strength to soldier on, to do this on your own,
But selfishly I clung too tightly, tried to keep you far too close,
I was afraid you made your mind up; and of my thoughts when I'm alone,
I was a deer trapped in your headlights, I lacked the vision just to see
All those warning signs you gave out that were staring back at me


from It's Not Me, It's You, released September 19, 2015




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