Like a Lion (It Waits)

from by Older Than Oceans



Sometimes I hear your voice
And if I close my eyes, I can make out your face,
You are so much more than how you left this place;
And this vision of you, like a lion it waits,
Creeping slowly forward as it stalks its prey,
So strike me swiftly, do away with me (do away with me)

When you visit me in my lonesome dreams (tell me Heaven's not alone)
Will you stay with me, if I fall asleep?
Following the stars, (my eyes see afar)
I can see you smile in the light that blinds

And if I look back now, I should have seen the signs,
All your cries for help behind those bloodshot eyes,
They were never heard, they were never seen
It was our ignorance that lit the match that left you somewhere in between,
So won't you strike it swiftly; do away with me

Oh those nights we spent talking about the lives we had ahead (they came and went before they were spent)
Though it's so frustrating, I know you're somewhere much better than here, (I'm sure you know how the world is so cold)
But for now I'm patient, count the days until we meet again


from It's Not Me, It's You, released September 19, 2015




Older Than Oceans New York

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