Not for Nothing

from by Older Than Oceans



Not for nothing but to say it's not your fault, well that's a little dishonest,
Pretend and tread lightly as you walk through those shallow waters,
The levy broke; it burst from the inside
Cause that patchwork job couldn't last you through the night

Now you're a punchline, and she's the butt of every joke,
And all your best friends know its all her fault

So just say it, (say it), say it's not on you
And I know you'll say it, (say it) till it all feels true
And if that's what, (that's what) helps you sleep at night
Then go ahead and pretend that it's alright

Now that you finally left, I can breathe again with both my lungs, it never tastes so good
Not bitter like you would
I can't believe it came to this, but I knew it always would

I've given up on you, my friend
All bad things finally have an end
Too bad you're never listening to anyone

You can point that finger but there's no one else here to blame but yourself
How can you be right if you're wrong again?
So go and sing that sad song somewhere else
How can you be right if you're wrong again?


from It's Not Me, It's You, released September 19, 2015




Older Than Oceans New York

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