Pulling Us Down

from by Older Than Oceans



So wrapped up, up in ourselves
and all those silly lies you made were something just like mine;
I couldn't blame myself,
It had to be someone else playing this wicked puppet game
And the irony of it all is that it paved the path I've laid

Take my hand, walk that road together

You and I were floating by,
Caught up in the bitter breeze
Throwing caution to the wind
with our emotions buried deep
From the darkness I will guide you;
but barely bright enough to see
If we'd only asked the questions
To those answers that we seek

We sank so low, anchors followed our trail to the depths of the shadowy abyss you call your home
Can you save us now?
From the nightmares found in quiet mindsets?
They run a marathon inside our heads
Lets cross the finish line again, it sounds better than sitting on the side

Were we both alive or was this just another dream?

Through all this time, it seems that we've been going nowhere
I can't bare to be here another day
Your first class ticket only has your name on it
There's no room for mine
So I guess I won't be joining you

In the middle of this nowhere land
Lets try to make another plan
It's you and I and failure here tonight
How could you know, how could you know?

In the middle of this nowhere land,
I'm tired of these endless hands
Pulling us into oblivion
How could you know, how could you know?

They're pulling us down


from It's Not Me, It's You, released September 19, 2015




Older Than Oceans New York

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